Tools what should always be in the car

“I’m not a mechanic, I don’t understand technology, why do I need tools?” many drivers say. But then even non-doctors do not need home first-aid kits. Or not? Basic skills in handling iodine, a bandage and peroxide are enough to treat a

What is the best BMW drivetrain? And Why

What is the best BMW drivetrain? BMW cars according to the type of drive are divided into the following types: front-wheel drive; rear-wheel drive; all-wheel drive. Consider each type of drive separately Front-wheel drive

The main problems and malfunctions of the BMW X6 E71

The BMW X6 E71 is, without exaggeration, a premium class car. It concentrates all the latest developments both in electronics and the engine, as well as in the chassis and traffic safety system. This model came out in 2008 and immediately

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