The main problems and malfunctions of the BMW X6 E71


The BMW X6 E71 is, without exaggeration, a premium class car. It concentrates all the latest developments both in electronics and the engine, as well as in the chassis and traffic safety system. This model came out in 2008 and immediately conquered with its expressiveness, bold and decisive design. Of course, everything new, and even with such a “temperament” is not always ideal. Despite the fact that the designers and engineers of the concern have been working on the development of this model for about 8 years, and they managed to foresee many nuances, the final verdict can only be put by the operation and the owners. With the release of this model, BMW has firmly taken a leading position in the niche of powerful urban crossovers.

We can talk about the advantages of this model for a long time, let’s leave this pleasure to marketers. The purpose of our article is to talk about the shortcomings that were identified during the operation by drivers and the repair of cars of this class in our technical center. So, let’s begin.


  1. A very high threshold, because of which the trousers constantly get dirty, especially noticeable in bad weather.
  2. Not a very good rear view. It is clear that the designers “wrapped” the rear part for aerodynamics and beauty, only when driving in reverse gear it is very difficult to see what is behind. Of course, this drawback covers the presence of parking sensors, which will not let you make a mistake, and a rear-view camera. But for those who are used to 100% control of everything, it is a little inconvenient and unusual.
  3. With the external “enormity” of the car, the inside is not as free as expected. The reason for this is a very “solid” and powerful body, designed for a sporty driving style, which cannot be “flimsy”. Therefore, fishing rods and a boat cannot be put in the trunk.
  4. The split seats at the back look, of course, cool in photographs and when demonstrating the car in the showroom or to friends. In fact, when you “stuff” a car with passengers, it really interferes. Although a single sofa looks simpler, it is much better in terms of operation.


The main problems and malfunctions of the BMW X6 E71
  1. Very often, various kinds of errors come out that do not stop the car, but create a certain excitement. The car is not cheap, so I don’t want to take risks and have to go to a car service for diagnostics.
  2. Fuel consumption from 15 liters in the city with a combined cycle. If you stand idle in traffic jams, then 20 liters is easy. Well, there’s nothing to be done, only a fairly powerful 4.4 liter engine with 407 hp can easily cope with such a “colossus”. In fairness, it should be noted that such a car is not bought with the last money, and the owner must be prepared for such an expense. True, now for some reason it has become fashionable to underestimate fuel consumption (10 l / 100 km), but we cannot confirm this. In order to save money, you can order a 300 hp package, but then you have to rely on a “moderate” ride.
  3. The engine is very picky about the quality of fuel. With poor quality, there are premature problems with the EGR valve, intake manifold and rings, injectors.
  4. You need to carefully monitor the injection pump (high pressure fuel pump), namely: try not to operate the car with a minimum fuel level. The pump is very productive, it is understandable, with such a flow rate and such dynamics! Try to keep at least 20 liters for the pump to work as comfortably as possible. Otherwise, you will have to pay a considerable amount to replace it.
  5. There are no critical remarks to the engine, it freely fulfills its promised 100,000 kilometers, subject to scheduled maintenance. But, after this milestone, all the classic problems that are characteristic of BMW engines begin.
  6. On the BMW X6 with a diesel engine, there were problems with the swirl flap, which, unfortunately, is prone to breakage. If this part breaks, it can lead to metal debris entering the engine, which can have serious consequences, up to and including the need for an overhaul. The best way to check for this problem is to check the intake manifold for oil leaks.


Let’s say right away that the X6 is not intended for hunting and fishing, where you have to fall into the mud up to the very body and gnaw out with all your “horsepower”, because this is an urban crossover, and not a full-fledged SUV. Such trips can be very costly to repair.

  1. Stiff suspension prevents driving on bad roads. But here a few words in defense of the manufacturer: dynamic models with high ground clearance (ground clearance) are deliberately made a little “tougher” for better stability and maneuverability, here the laws of physics are much more important than comfort.
  2. When driving on potholes and a bad road, after 20,000 km, the lower and front levers with silent blocks may fail.
  3. The brake hub breaks due to jamming of the eye bolt.
  4. When pebbles get between the brake lining and the disc, very strong grooves are observed on the brake disc.
  5. From strong potholes, jet stabilizer struts can “fly”. There is no replacement policy for them. But if you notice the car swaying from side to side when passing a speed bump, then they need to be changed, and in pairs.
  6. There have been problems with the air suspension deflating on its own until the engine is started.

Conclusion: you need to try to drive very carefully on uneven terrain, then there will be fewer problems.


The main problems and malfunctions of the BMW X6 E71 electronics

Note that the BMW X6 is literally “stuffed” with electronics, therefore, the failure of individual components is a fairly common problem. We will omit the standard problems that occur on all cars, such as software crashes caused by “lighting up”, some crashes due to very high humidity, etc. It was, is, will always be, and no one can avoid it. We will consider only those that are typical for this particular model.

  1. Problems with the front seat and steering column adjustment switch. Both of these actions hang on the same switch, which is known for its frequent problems.
  2. The emergency braking system sometimes does not work quite correctly.
  3. The rear view mirror may not fold. The problem is clogging the mechanism.
  4. The windshield wiper adjustment is broken.
  5. There are difficulties with opening the passenger door.
  6. There are cases of spontaneous opening of windows.
  7. The battery holds a normal charge when driving at least 20-30 km per day. If less, then you can get a problem with the battery after a year of operation.

Other problems

A non-functioning handbrake is very often caused by a software glitch problem.

After 60,000, door card adjustment may be required. Of course, this is not a critical malfunction, but the rattling sound is a little “annoying”. This problem is caused by bad roads.

Information about the open door appears at a speed of 5 km / h. It would be better if she came a little early. This can be especially dangerous when leaving the garage.

Summing up all that has been said, it is important to note that the BMW X6 E71 implements a fundamentally new approach to the automotive industry. It implements something that for many cars remains beyond the bounds of the possible. Therefore, it is not surprising that problems happen to him.

If you are a happy owner of such a crossover, then here are some tips for you:

be sure to visit for regular BMW diagnostics and maintenance, at least once every six months or more. This will save you from many unnecessary expenses and problems. In no case do not bring the car to the state of “repair after the fact”;

regularly change the oil in the engine (every 8,000 km), transmission, and power steering (power steering) in accordance with the maintenance regulations, and if you change a little earlier, this will be a plus;

in no case do not leave the car with a minimum level of fuel;

be careful when driving over bumps;

be sure to install an engine heater, because many breakdowns and accelerated wear of a very expensive engine occur due to starting in severe frost;

do not overheat the engine when driving in the heat on a long climb;

noticing an unusual and incomprehensible sound or non-standard behavior – immediately go for an unscheduled diagnosis.

We tried to collect the most common problems with this model, we hope that this article helped you a little.

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